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Chris Moon exists to help people do what they do better, drawing on his unique experiences to illustrate principles people can use in their daily lives.

Chris is one of the most fortunate people to be alive you’re likely to meet. He should be dead many times over. He is a former British Army Officer who left to work for a charity clearing landmines. He survived being taken prisoner in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge (one of the most brutal terror groups in history) and negotiated his release and that of two colleagues from threatened execution. In 1995 he was blown up in a supposedly safe area of a minefield in remote East Africa losing an arm and a leg. He had to treat himself in order to survive. When he eventually arrived in South Africa, his doctors said they’d never seen anyone live with such a small amount of blood.

Chris taught himself to run again and became the world’s first amputee ultra distance runner when he completed the gruelling Marathon Des Sables. Since then he’s run the world’s toughest ultra-marathons, including the Badwater Death Valley 135 mile ultra and the West Highland Way 95 mile Race which he completed in 2015, while trialling a new running leg. He’s run numerous ultra-distance events and several one thousand mile events.

When it comes to challenging the concept of limitation, adapting to change and overcoming adversity Chris walks the talk. He has a proven track record of delivering high impact presentations helping to change behaviours and improve profits. As a keynote and after-dinner speaker Chris delivers humour, passion and inspiration. Topics include change, motivation, risk and safety, communication, improving sales, diversity and personal and strategic leadership. He runs short workshops to improve individual and team performance & coaches and mentors a wide variety of executives.

‘Your presentation was excellent, in both content & delivery, and incredibly thought provoking. The Q&A session was fascinating and engaging. Thank you once again for the help and guidance that you provided prior to the event and for the professionalism with which you approached and executed at every stage.’ Martin Currie Leadership Dinner

‘Your determination to do more than just survive and your positive mental attitude demonstrate your personal resilience, making you a role model many of us seek to emulate.’ NHS

‘Thank you for speaking so enthusiastically and with such verve and purpose at our event. Points you made were so pertinent and thought provoking. Your impeccable blend of humour, reflection, realism and brutal honesty was a perfect mix, it really captured the imagination of the audience and invigorated a positive mental attitude. Your insight into tackling limiting beliefs and use the power of self belief is a key, which will enable you to always take a positive stance.’ Ricoh UK

In organisations that don't build Resilience there is a serious risk of increased absenteeism, presenteeism and a downturn in overall organisational performance
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