Resilient People offer Health Manager

An online application, to manage all aspects of health, well-being and stress for you and your employees throughout the year. Accessible from any internet connection at home or at work, Health Manager takes users through a step-by step personalised plan to achieving personal health goals and wellbeing.

Health Manager provides organisations with a cost effective and comprehensive tool that positively engages employees to take control of changing their own behaviour, to bring about an increase in productivity, and a reduction in absenteeism and indeed presenteeism. Regular interaction prompted by Health Manager through email keeps users on track with their goals.

Managers have access to a real-time reporting system that tracks changes in employees’ participation, engagement and health behaviour and their impact upon the overall organisational productivity.

A modest investment (from under £10 per year per user)

In Resilient People’s employee well-being programme Health Manager, can lead to significant improvements in productivity and well-being for the employee, and significant cost savings to your organisation. We are successfully delivering our programmes to organisations of all sizes, from 10 employees to large multi-site organisations in both the public and private sector, with the evidence based reporting system showing a clear Return On Investment (ROI) on your organisations stress management and health and well-being efforts.

Each participant receives a highly personalised programme that includes:

An on-going health and lifestyle assessment focused on health status, lifestyle habits, work/life balance, emotional wellbeing, medical history, and importantly, health beliefs

A highly personalised health and wellbeing report to communicate health risks and priorities, commend positive behaviours, explain the benefits of taking action and provide practical solutions to help achieve personal health goals

A wellbeing plan focused on 1 of 7 topics:
  • Increasing energy levels
  • weight loss
  • concentration, memory and mood
  • managing stress
  • healthy immune system
  • healthy heart
  • reducing cancer risk

An online and email based coaching programme designed to support and encourage participants to achieve their personal health goals

Seamless access to 6 healthy lifestyle programmes to support individuals with their health goals around exercise, nutrition, weight management, sleep and emotional wellbeing

Access to local services and support available in the community or workplace
Automatic personal messaging to “nudge” and encourage progress according to their stage of the programme

Access to visual reports to illustrate progress over time

A private, secure, personal online account from which to access and update their programme wherever and whenever they choose

In organisations that don't build Resilience there is a serious risk of increased absenteeism, presenteeism and a downturn in overall organisational performance
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