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Elizabeth is a Paralympic Medallist, Motivational Speaker, Academic, and Activist. Born with Congenital Limb Deficiency, Elizabeth is missing half her right arm and leg and requires a prosthetic leg to allow mobility. Elizabeth was raised with a positive attitude and firm self-belief that has taken her from strength to strength. With determination and a go-getter attitude, Elizabeth has achieved much in her life and is continuing to achieve, regardless of the obstacles and barriers she comes across.

At the age of thirteen, she decided that she was going to swim in the Paralympic games. She achieved this goal only three years later, competing at the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games, and then the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games. In all Elizabeth won three medals at the Paralympics, a bronze in the 50m Butterfly at the ’96 Paralympics, and a silver in the 400m Freestyle and a bronze in the 4 x 50m freestyle relay at her home games in 2000. As well she as these achievements she has held multiple world records in both long and short course races.

Elizabeth now lives in the UK where her work as a speaker and activist is propelling her to new achievements and new goals in raising awareness of disability in schools and business. Elizabeth focuses on motivating people to overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs in their own lives, with an aim towards success, by drawing on her own experiences, creating a deep connection with her audience, no matter of age, gender, or ability.

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