Boardroom Briefings are a valuable and effective way to get buy in from senior management teams, as is with many new initiatives this is imperative when implementing a Stress and Wellbeing solution.

Visible support from senior management is usually viewed by employees as a genuine effort to make things better.

Why Run a Boardroom Briefing in Your Organisation

As well as ‘selling’ the solution to your employees it is often necessary to do the same with the senior management team, they will want to be assured that:

  • they are recruiting an organisation that will deliver an appropriate solution,
  • the courses, materials and instructors are of a high quality,
  • they will see a return on the budget spent, however that is measured.

The session is an opportunity to explore solutions and work together collaboratively to ensure success.

The managers that RP have already worked with report that they find the sessions as very worthwhile, as they are able to see how the solution will work in practice when it is rolled out to their teams.

How RP Run a Boardroom Briefing

We will work with the organising team in the same way as we would with any solution we are implementing, whether it is a standard training course or a tailored training solution.

We are able to demonstrate in the session how beneficial the training would be for the organisation and the employees, as well as explaining the most effective way of rolling out any solution throughout the organisation.

We also introduce all of the elements that might make up the solution package, incorporating all the elements of face-to-face training and our online Health and Wellbeing System Health Manager

The Benefits of Running a Boardroom Briefing with Resilient People

Boardroom Briefings are an important part of a Stress or Wellbeing solution for many organisations of all sizes. Achieving buy in from the senior management team and encouraging them to enthuse about their learning experience with the employees are important to the success of a solution.

The senior management team would be helped to understand fully the business case for introducing any measures and a complete plan of action to support this.

In organisations that don't build Resilience there is a serious risk of increased absenteeism, presenteeism and a downturn in overall organisational performance
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