Focus Groups are a cost effective way of enabling RP to work with a representative sample of your employees, enabling us to build up an accurate picture of the key stressors in your organisation.

Our mission in the focus groups that we run is to ensure that we can work with you to devise and implement a successful strategy and practical solutions for Workplace Wellbeing.

Why Run a Focus Group in Your Organisation

If you are aware as an organisation that there is a potential stress or wellbeing problem, but are unsure:

  • where it stems from,
  • the extent to which it exists
  • the causes
  • where in the business it is most prevalent.
  • Then Focus Groups can help to assess the risk of stress related issues amongst employees.

Our Stress and Wellbeing Focus Groups enable us to present you with a solution that will respond to your organisational needs, as opposed to trying to second guess the issues or shoe horning a standard solution. But don’t think that this has to be a costly route, our Tailored Training solutions are available at no extra cost!

How Do Employees Respond to Focus Groups?

The Focus Groups are a valuable source of qualitative information about stress and Wellbeing in your organisation. By engaging directly with employees and listening to their views we are able to get an accurate picture of the key stressors in their jobs and go on to generate potential solutions.

We find that employees prefer and respond better to sessions that Resilient People run (as opposed to any in-house activities), as they see them as being an unbiased exercise and have more trust and confidence in a session managed by a specialised company.

We assure them that all information gained during the session is fed back in an anonymised form so they can speak freely and honestly.

Our Approach to Running Focus Groups

In an RP Focus Group, we work with a representative sample of employees from all areas of your organisation to gain a really accurate and reflective picture of any issues and their effects.

Our session then takes the form of an investigatory exercise which proves to be very effective, not least because of the involvement from those ‘on the ground’ in the research stage and also in exploring possible solutions.

Resilient People work with the group in a way that leads to the group dynamics being used to generate new thinking about a topic, which will often result in a much more in-depth discussion. The questions we ask encourage all employees present to feel free to talk with other group members, ensuring that accurate feedback can be obtained on the existence of stress in the workplace, and ideas and suggestions from the group on how they believe improvements can be made.

We take the data from the Focus Groups to help shape the interventions and improvements ensuring they are relevant and realistic. The high degree of employee involvement in the Focus Groups means that there is buy in from all levels so that any solutions put in place in the future would be more likely to succeed.

The Benefits of Building Resilience with Resilient People

Focus Groups generate better results when those present are helped to explore all relevant areas of potential stress and feel free to talk about them. RP’s experienced Trainers and Consultants are able to effectively manage the sessions in order to:

  • uncover the underlying causes of pressure in their work
  • provide a comprehensive interpretation of any relevant staff surveys, assessments, data on the topic
  • identify local issues
  • prioritise the specific area in which there is a need for action
  • explore practical and workable improvements.
In organisations that don't build Resilience there is a serious risk of increased absenteeism, presenteeism and a downturn in overall organisational performance
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