Mental Health Awareness Week 2023


Anxiety is the focus of Mental Health week in 2023 and here we explore how it impacts on the Workplace


Anxiety is a widespread and serious issue facing millions of UK employees today. It often goes undiagnosed and unsupported, leading to negative impacts on both mental health and work productivity. In the workplace, employees suffering with anxiety can experience a broad range of issues, including difficulty concentrating, increased stress levels, and decreased job satisfaction.

The Problem

For those suffering from anxiety, even simple tasks can become overwhelming, significantly impacting their ability to accomplish their job responsibilities. As a result, employees may feel isolated from their colleagues, leading to a sense of detachment and disengagement from the workplace. Furthermore, anxiety may cause employees to become fatigued, especially regarding decision-making, which can lead to poor job performance, low morale, and even job loss.

Improving the Situation

It’s becoming more of an accepted fact that employers today need to prioritise workplace wellness by taking proactive measures to support their employees' mental health. By investing in initiatives that prioritise mental health, such as Line Manager Training and Mental Health First Aid, employees are provided with the necessary resources to manage their anxiety more proactively. Additionally, workplaces that foster a supportive work environment that allows for open communication about mental health issues can help reduce the stigma surrounding anxiety and encourage employees to seek help when needed.

Next Step

If you would like to learn more about how Resilient People can support your organisation’s mental health plans simply use the website’s contact box and we’ll be back in touch pretty quick!   

We also have a free poster to download and share with your colleagues, if you would like

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