Mike Daligan

Personal Development
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Mike is a motivational speaker with a difference who will show you how to make positive change in your life just by trying.

From being an unemployed single parent on a Job Creation Scheme, Mike rose to become an Award Winning Charity Director. Having worked in all sectors of the economy from dogsbody to Director, and now at an age when most of his peers have opted for cardigans and slippers, he is now on his sixth career, proving that it’s never too late. Mike is:

  • different and practical – he speaks from a breadth of experience
  • motivational and inspiring
  • thought provoking and challenging
  • a lateral thinker, having enjoyed diverse careers
  • a natural speaker
  • professional in his approach across a range of sectors and issues
  • caring – he is dedicated to providing guidance, support and advice

Mike’s areas of expertise are in personal development, with schools, charities and the voluntary sector and after dinner speaking.

“Mike has a gift of making people think and getting them to follow up that thinking – he has a meaningful and heart-felt message that will resonate with everyone” Karen Wright, Teacher

Mike is one of the most engaging speakers I have ever had the privilege of hearing – I would heartedly recommend him as a speaker in any forum” Basia Korzienowska, Teacher

In organisations that don't build Resilience there is a serious risk of increased absenteeism, presenteeism and a downturn in overall organisational performance
Resilient People