When a colleague is absent from work there is not just the obvious immediate financial impact, but also the effect on the rest of the team.

Lost productivity in the workplace is on the increase, and under the spotlight more increasingly when margins are tight. With individuals being expected to do more with less, presenteeism i.e. those who have health issues and remain at work, is on the increase and perhaps more costly than absenteeism .

Reducing Absenteeism in Your Workplace

A reduction in your productivity as a result of Absenteeism/Presenteeism will typically be as a result of; physical health, mental health, emotional health or a combination of the three. By choosing a solution that tackles these health issues collectively, you will not only see a reduction in absence but an improvement in productivity.

When an individual does return back to work it’s just as important you manage this process well to prevent a recurrence in absence or presenteeism. At Resilient People we teach leaders how to achieve this in practice on our managers training course.

More often than not employers will tackle abseenteism first as this is easier to quantify. With feelings of job insecurity and harsher sickness policies being introduced (with absence being taken into account during times of redundancies or restructures) individuals are often worried about taking time off, so they turn up to work but due to some sort of health impairment they are not producing at optimum levels.

In many cases a member of staff will be at their desk but due to feelings of being overwhelmed by things such as increased workloads or lack of support they’re being very ineffective in their role.

What Can You do Now to Reduce Absenteeism

Resilient People work to train managers in managing absence. We start by Building Resilience with your employees through our training sessions, making them more likely to maintain a level of good performance and to bounce back quicker when times are tough.

Our Health Manager also looks at their mental/emotional health as well as physical health. By tackling both issues, improved physical health has been seen to be both a cure and a preventative measure to combat mental ill health and vice versa.

The Benefits of Working With Resilient People

Resilient People provide you with a complete package. Our Training & Courses and Tailored Solutions mean that we can train at all levels within your organisation, our Health Manager system also looks at all aspects of health and wellbeing for as long as you want it to.

No two clients’ requirements are exactly the same so we can create a solution to your needs at a time, place and price to suit you.

What will your organisation gain from tackling absenteeism/presenteeism?

More flexible and resilient staff – higher performance and productivity.
More confident managers when dealing with issues that have been traditionally taboo i.e. mental health.
Better relationships at work due to skills taught during sessions on assertiveness and effective communication.
Organisational resilience when times are tough.

“Absenteeism is easy to calculate – when someone is not at their desk the cost is clear, but presenteeism is less tangible and is usually about 3 x’s more costly than absenteeism itself.”

In organisations that don't build Resilience there is a serious risk of increased absenteeism, presenteeism and a downturn in overall organisational performance
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