Tailored Training usually makes organisations think “it’s going to be expensive, as well as time and labour intensive.” However, a Tailored Training solution is at the heart of the Resilient People offering.

Stress and Wellbeing and organisational culture are all very individual, so it’s very rare that one solution fits all. It is for this reason that all of our courses can be built from a series of specialist components that already exist and are tried and tested, and our online system requires just an internet connection.

Could Your Organisation Benefit From Tailored Training?

We know that your organisation is different, even from competitors in your industry. Your employees will be different and will have their own issues.

We also understand that budgets allocated to Stress and Wellbeing training vary, but what is common is that every penny spent must be accountable, so we want to ensure that as our client you will get the best value from the money you invest in your employees we.

Everyone that attends a personalised training session can see when it’s been tailored to meet their requirements and the results our clients see speak for themselves. Our other solutions including Health Manager ensure that the support is in place even after any training is finished.

Our Tailored Training solutions are built using;

  • Our experience to offer appropriate solutions,
  • A ‘Pick n Mix’ of key elements to build resilience and promote Wellbeing, online and face to face
  • A complete understanding of your organisation, the employees, issues and budget.
  • We do not charge extra for the consultation and bespoke training courses that we develop.

Our Approach to Building and Implementing a Tailored Training Solution

We work with the organising team in an introductory session; taking the time to understand your organisation, the employees and the issues that are prevalent.

  • The Organisation – we research your organisation’s ‘specifics’ such as your policies and existing support services for staff. These are then referred to in the training course.
  • The Employees – If there are any existing occurrences of stress or awareness of potential causes we will account for this when the Tailored Training solution is composed.
  • The Issues – we either meet or carry out an investigation via the telephone to obtain all the relevant information on what your objectives are, and what the culture and style of the organisation is like.
The Benefits of Implementing a Tailored Training Solution with Resilient People

Our tailored or bespoke training courses have a greater impact on the participants learning and performance of the business than generic off-the-shelf courses. We also have a range of less traditional offerings such as our online Health Manager which can form part of your solution. Our experience has proven to us that every organisation is different and this needs to be reflected in their training programmes.

So why implement a Tailored Training solution?
  • Resilient People offer this service at no extra cost.
  • You can be assured the training will get maximum results from your investment.
  • Employees respond better to our Tailored Training Solutions.
  • Every organisation has the opportunity to implement a Stress or Wellbeing solution.
  • Solutions are available to organisations with a range of budgets and for employees with differing requirements.
In organisations that don't build Resilience there is a serious risk of increased absenteeism, presenteeism and a downturn in overall organisational performance
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