Video Podcasts

If you are a national organisation with a widespread workforce, location-based training is not always practical.

To help you, we offer a series of interactive video podcasts that address vital aspects of employee wellbeing.
Understanding and being able to deal with these issues leads to a happier, healthier, more supportive – and more productive – workforce.

Each podcast is 20 to 30 minutes long and features speech, graphics and activities. They explain the challenges surrounding each issue and offer practical advice on how to help anyone affected – either yourself or your colleagues.

There are three video podcasts available – Mental Health Awareness, Building Resilience and Dealing With Change:

Mental Health Awareness


  • How to define mental health and understand the different types of mental illness.
  • The prevalence of mental illness and how it affects many people in many walks of life
  • The signs that can tell you when someone is mentally ill and how best to broach the subject with them
  • Ways to support others – simple, practical and effective ways to help someone with mental health problems
  • Good coping mechanisms – how to deal with mental illness and still live your life

Building Resilience To Stress


  • Understanding the nature of stress and how to manage it
  • The characteristics of resilience
  • The link between stress and resilience – how building resilience allows you to cope with stress
  • Ways to strengthen personal resilience and ensure that stressful situations don’t harm your work or your performance
  • How to have a positive mind-set and impact within your workplace

Dealing with Change


  • A look at how comfortable you are with change
  • The reasons why people resist change at work
  • The principles and stages of change
  • How to deal with change and adversity in a positive way

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In organisations that don't build Resilience there is a serious risk of increased absenteeism, presenteeism and a downturn in overall organisational performance
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