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Award-winning Vikie is an author and expert on Autism and communication but also an inspiring, motivational and hilarious lady.

Vikie Shanks is no ordinary speaker. She tells her story and experiences from the heart. From living with her children’s Autism to dealing with mental health and the horrific suicide of her husband, and all issues that this causes, Vikie has been there and lived through it all. Despite all that life has thrown at her, Vikie continues to bounce back… In fact her inspiring journey has lead her to become an author, an expert in the field of Autism and a motivational speaker. If you need an engaging, inspiring and truly awe-inspiring person to speak on anything from Autism to communication or to tell her shocking but motivational story then you’ve just found her.

Vikie has seven children; six of them have Autism and two have Cerebral Palsy. One has severe Dyslexia. Not only that but her late husband was mentally ill and committed suicide seven and a half years ago, leaving her and her vulnerable family in debt and in the worst position imaginable. But Vikie fought on. She used every ounce of gut and determination within her to make the lives of her children the best they could be.

Through everything that Vikie has experienced, she’s continued to fight for her children with Autism and helped people to understand why communication is so important in life (and in business). Vikie’s work has led to several books and numerous awards and TV appearances.

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