Workplace stress leads to overeating

Here is some information that will be very useful to anyone who is on, or looking to start, an improved food diet with the intention of losing weight. Obviously the biggest cause of being overweight is overeating – consuming more calories than you are burning off.  But did you know the biggest cause of over-eating is workplace stress! This information featured in an article from the Men’s Health magazine and was passed by Adam Mead, a dietician at Kingston Hospital in Surrey.

Why is this? The main reason is that carbohydrates have a grounding effect on us, so if you have recently being binging on bread, pasta or potatoes then there is a good chance you are feeling the effects of excessive stress levels. An indication that things are not right is if you are binging on such foods for more than two weeks. Such behaviour not only causes you to put on weight, it also puts you at risk of significant health problems if not addressed.

So, if you looking to lose weight then you should also consider managing your stress levels.  By keeping your stress in check then you will stand a better chance of controlling your hunger pangs.

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