TRiM – Trauma Risk Management
(Practitioner Course/Manager Course)


About Trauma Risk Management (TRiM)

Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) is a caring and supportive framework, led by peers, that is specifically designed to handle situations involving trauma or potential trauma. It educates peers about common responses to traumatic events, while helping to identify individuals who may need immediate medical attention through systematic risk evaluations. TRiM functions as a continuous monitoring and support system, providing ongoing assistance rather than a one-time intervention.

Benefits of TRiM to my organisation

Promoting good mental health in the workplace is no longer just an option, but a vital part of doing business. It enhances psychological safety, boosts engagement, and improves employee retention. It also reduces the stigma surrounding mental health, helping individuals to access timely support and care.

Making sure your team are prepared through TRiM can really help guide them through any times of crisis that may arise in the future. If your organisation operates in a high risk environment or staff are likely to face potentially traumatic situations, you should consider TRiM.

Resilient People delivers TRiM to a wide range of organisations to include construction, transport, manufacturing charities, and government agencies. Our courses are delivered by highly-skilled, industry experts with real-world experience in trauma management.

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TRiM Practitioner Course Overview

Duration – 2 days

Our two day TRiM Practitioner course provides you with the practitioner skills to be able to understand the characteristics of traumatic events and conduct structured risk assessments to facilitate early intervention as well as provide ongoing support to colleagues and peers.

The TRiM Practitioner course covers the following:


TRiM Manager Course Overview

Duration – 3 days

TRiM Managers are initially trained for the first 2 days at Practitioner level. The TriM Manager Course is then extended by an extra day to enable candidates to effectively implement the TRiM policy and to co-ordinate the response, including allocating practitioners and carrying out Tactical Incident Briefings. Candidates will gain the supervisory skills to ensure practitioner welfare and the application of suitable post-incident management strategies for staff involved in traumatic events.

When notified of an incident, the TRiM Manager Course ensures that there is a coherent, considered approach to the organisation’s response and that management and supporting departments are involved. TRiM Managers will also be taught how to supervise TRiM practitioners as managing their welfare and support is crucial.

The TRiM Managers course covers the following:

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Feedback Quotes

“The best course I have attended in the last 10 years.”

“The whole course was excellent in terms of aspects and contents. A good balance between presentation and practical session, and good interaction, despite having to deliver online.”

“Very relaxed, the subject matter was explained in detail and we got a chance to practice what we had learned.”

“All of the training was really detailed and provided me with a full in depth knowledge of the course. This will help me deal with any incidents where I have to support moving forward.”

“The course content and the role play over Zoom worked really well.”

“Both trainers were excellent and had a very pleasing and natural way of putting over a training programme that was both complex and demanding. And the trainers gave plenty of time to all delegates for interactive play and asking questions.”

“A light hearted approach to a serious subject, well broken down and explained to all on the course.”

“Both trainers were absolutely excellent especially for a Police Officer and an Army Officer! An extremely enjoyable course. Thank You.”

“Course tutors were fantastic – full of knowledge and very willing to pass it on to us.”

“The trainers were amazing, they both have a wealth of experiences in the subject matter to classify them as experts. Also very good delegate engagement, they had me captivated for 2 days over Zoom which is no mean feat.”