Pioneers for improving employee well-being in the workplace

Resilient People offers a selection of specialist training courses to help thousands of people, particularly managers, to build confidence around mental health in the workplace. We teach our delegates how to better support themselves and others through interactive, challenging and workplace specific courses which are supported with ongoing, online support to help embed learning.

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Training courses

Resilience training courses provide employees with the psychological strength they need to be able to manage more effectively the daily challenges, changes and adversities encountered within the workplace.

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Keynote Speakers

We work with a selection of high -profile keynote speakers who all excel in their chosen sector.

Inspire your staff

Our Keynote speakers deliver an insight into how they succeeded; some talk about their personal successes, while others may introduce the science of being happier. The talks are designed to inspire your staff and illustrate how they can improve their own working practices. Inviting keynote speakers into your business will have a positive effect on the way your employees both think and act at work. Our speakers have excelled in fields such as business, sport, health and well-being; their purpose is to change the whole working culture of your organisation for the better.

Online Resources

Our two online learning programmes provide a more blended approach to online support and one-to-one training courses.

Resilience Hub: Convenient resources for your workforce

The Resilience Hub is an excellent online resource packed with interactive tools, videos and case studies, providing a rich and relevant learning experience to your workforce. The Hub offers a range of flexible options designed to complement your organisation’s existing well-being initiatives and support services. Users are able to visit any of the key learning points whenever they wish, helping to build confidence in supporting their team. The resource provides detailed reports on activity and progress and can even add in specific modules aimed at your sector or individual company. The Hub is accessible via desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone at any time and in any location.

Our promotional materials will give you an idea of the content and style of our online provision:

Respond Companion: Building long-term confidence in managers

Respond Companion is a free ongoing support tool we provide for managers. All attendees of our Respond training course will be given free access to this online resource. The programme allows users to go back to key points they have learned during training sessions, building their confidence to support colleagues who may be struggling. The Respond Companion makes use of rich media such as video, animations and approved third party content.

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Employee Well-being Days

A highly interactive and participative day specifically tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Helping your staff

Our employee well-being days are designed to help your staff in many different ways, from building resilience to dealing with stress, improving fitness levels and boosting mental and physical health. The sessions are highly interactive, ensuring that everyone who attends gets involved and benefits from both group work and one-on-one consultations.

Areas we can cover in the day:

  • Mental Health

  • Mindfulness

  • Improving work-life balance

  • Optimism and thinking styles

  • Self-acceptance

  • Nutrition and fitness

  • Back care and workstation health

  • Health Screening and assessments

  • Therapy treatments

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