Needles, but no drugs …

In a society where a large number of men struggle with mental illness in silence because they find it hard to express how they are feeling, it’s always nice to see new forms of help. The traditionally considered non-masculine past-time of knitting is gaining popularity with men thanks to celebrity backing from the likes of Russell Crowe, David Arquette and Ryan Gosling.

NHS studies has found that a couple of hours spent knitting woolly items can help reduce stress, fight depression, improve mental illness recovery, boost self-esteem, aid recovery from addiction and help you to be more mindful. It’s no wonder men-only knitting classes are starting to crop up as more and more men are picking up a pair of needles.

I wonder if any organisations have considered this? Some type of workplace knitting challenge could be made fun, open to everyone and would be cheap to set up. It could even be designed to support a charitable cause!

Just a thought …

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