(S)elf Care This Christmas

Christmas can be a chaotic and costly time of year. Here’s three ways to make sure your health is your wealth this Christmas time:

It’s About Presence, Not Presents

Giving gifts is part of the festive period, but the priority needs to be on you being there to enjoy spending time with family, making happy memories and being fit and well. Taking time out from work is especially important at this time of year so make the most of the time off, plan in some nights out and days in, catch up with friends and family and enjoy the gift of time this Christmas.

Spend Time, Not Money

This time of year can be costly on your wallet, but even an hour of your time is much more valuable than a wrapped gift. Seeing loved ones, especially if work means that you don’t get to do this as much as you would like, is a great use of your time for both your mental health and your relationships. A great idea for gifts for people is the opportunity to spend time together so think about booking tickets for something to do with others or just planning some time into your calendar over the year for some family time.

The Gift of Self-Care

Don’t forget yourself this year in amongst the gifts and events for other people. Switching off and getting some well-earned rest is a wonderful present for yourself to make sure you have time to catch up, recuperate and feel revitalised for the New Year.

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